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Long range stability in the palm of your hand
You hunt hard, it’s time your gear starts working harder for you. Now your trekking poles can! Add the Quick-StiX to your trekking poles and instantly have a pair of shooting sticks in the palm of your hands.

Ultralight construction
Designed to be ultralight, at only 2.38oz* your inner ounce counter will be pleased. Leave your bipod at home next hunt and be prepared to go deeper and hunt harder into the backcountry with less weight on your back.

Elevate your hunt
Get above the brush and terrain features getting in the way of making a prone shot and make the shot happen by using your trekking poles to establish a rock solid shooting rest.

Immediate deployment
Shot opportunities can come and go in an instance. Be ready when that moment arrives with the Quick-StiX rapid connecting system. Simply insert the lugs, twist your poles and make your shot!

More than a one trick pony
Add our Quick-Clip and for just a few extra ounces you have an ultralight bipod attached to your rifle with cant and height adjustment from prone to crouching (dependent on your trekking pole length). Save weight and leave your tripod at home by adding our 3rd Leg with the Quick-clip to make a tripod.


  • Made in the USA!
  • Durable high density polymer, resistant against the elements.
  • Stainless Steel hardware to withstand the corrosiveness of nature.
  • User adjustable rotational stops, to suit YOUR needs.
  • Accessory Mounting Ring

What's Included:

  • (1) pair Quick-StiX (1 male and 1 female coupler, trekking poles not included)
  • (4) clamping screws (2 for 18mm poles, 2 for 16mm poles)
  • (4) rotational stop screws (2 spare)

Technical Specifications:


2.38oz* (67.50g) (w/long clamp screws and two rotational stop screws)
Compatible Trekking Pole Diameter: 0.629 - 0.708" (16mm - 18mm)

Rotational Stop Angle:

45°, 67.5°, 90° or no stops.


Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Brian Tiedemann
the product i purchased seems to be going to work great.

I am going to Alaska to go caribou hunting, I had purchased a monopod, and thought that would work with on walking stick to use as a pair of walking sticks. the problem was that I was still to wobbly with the monopod. be getting the quick stick attachment and practicing with it, at 300 yrds i am shoting a 5 inch spread. This was a great investment.

Kyle Wheeler

Love the quick sticks! Very durable and light! Exceeded expectations.

Love the Quik-stix

For such a small item this has huge benefits for all my backcountry hunting. Very solid design and highly functional shooting stick device with trekking poles saves the weight of dedicated shooting sticks and adds the benefit of trekking poles when packing game out.

Craig Wiebe
Great product fantastic customer service!

Love the quick stix. Fit my trekking poles and do exactly what they say they will do. Had a small issue and the customer service was amazing they went above and beyond to help fix the problem. Great company and a light, easy to use product that I am sure will help me in the backcountry.

Quick Stix, Quick Clip, 3rd leg review

I purchased the Quick Stix after a friend recommended it. He used the setup for bison hunting, with great success. Upon receiving my QS setup I took it to the range and tried to emulate field conditions. My groupings at 200 yds were sufficient to confidently take an ethical shot on game in the field at that distance. I subsequently ordered the Quick Clip and 3rd leg for my spotting scope mount. The whole set up (including trekking poles and a fairly heavy Vortex ball head) weighs 2 lbs 5 ounces. I'm quite pleased because my old tripod weighed 4 pounds. I have to carry trekking poles anyway so the additional weight of the Wiser setup is negligible. The QC and 3rd pole is not as quick to activate as the QS, but it doesn't need to be -- I would mostly use this setup for glassing long distances beyond the range of my binos when I plenty of time. The QS takes about 10 seconds to be in shooting position; the QC/3rd leg takes about 30 seconds to set up and be adjusted for glassing. Overall, thumbs up on this product line. Effective and shaves lots of weight.

teri phelan
Great quality

This is a must have for anyone in the outdoors. Very high quality. Fast shipping.

Neil Ladd
Great product!

I reccomend to all my hunting buddies

Good product

Looks like it will work well for its purpose. Haven't tried it as a shooting stick yet but seems well designed and well made.