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It's important to stay fast and light while hunting on your feet, especially in the mountains, and multiplying the uses of a given piece of gear is valuable to any hunter. With this understanding and goal in mind, the Quick-StiX came to be.

Quick-StiX turn a regular pair of trekking poles into a fast, light and sturdy shooting platform. By converting trekking poles into shooting sticks the mountain hunter is better equipped to make an effective shot, especially as mountain terrain often forces the shot to take place away from the ground due to vegetation or terrain features.


  • Durable high density polymer, resistant against the elements.
  • Stainless Steel hardware to withstand the corrosiveness of nature.
  • User adjustable rotational stops, to suite YOUR needs.
  • Accessory Mounting Ring... Exciting things to come!

What's Included:

  • (1) pair Quick-StiX (1 male and 1 female half)
  • (4) clamping screws (2 for 18mm poles, 2 for 16mm poles)
  • (4) rotational stop screws (2 spare)

Technical Specifications:


2.38oz (67.50g) (w/long clamp screws and two rotational stop screws)
Compatible Trekking Pole Diameter: 0.629", 0.708" (16mm, 18mm)

Rotational Stop Angle:

45°, 67.5°, 90° or no stops.