About Wiser Precision

Aim for Excellence with the Wiser Precision Chrono Mount Pro

Wiser Precision, Aiming for Excellence.

1. Excellence in Manufacturing
We are driven to make the highest quality products that excel in feel, function and durability. 

2. Excellence in Innovation
Imitating is cheap, we aim for real innovation that offers new solutions to real hunting and shooting needs.

3. Excellence in Passion
Being passionate for hunting, long range shooting and business keeps our focus on the things we need, the things you need, innovative gear that solves real problems.

4. Excellence in Service
We believe in the service of others, and seek to serve our friends, partners and customers with the products we build, experiences we can provide and expertise we can offer.

Where We Came From

Wiser Precision was never founded with the intent of being anything more than a means to help people. This started with a friend, a non-profit, and a single product side hustle meant to generate revenue for that non-profit and the 3rd world peoples it supported. In 2018 founder Shane Wise had a good friend leading a non-profit that Shane believed in. Shane's support began with volunteering IT services, but a financial need was recognized; and with that and a single solution to a single problem, Wiser Precision was born as a means to fill some of that need.

Gradually, the Wiser product catalogue expanded, as did our team and operations. Now we are a team of 5 hard working individuals; fathers, mothers, parents, hunters, AMERICANS, striving to push ourselves to excellence in all we do so our gear, and your gear, meets real needs and solves real problems in the field.

Made In USA!

"Made In USA" isn't a marketing term we cheaply throw around, it's a value and reflection of our pursuit for excellence. Our priority is to support the lives of Americans in every aspect of our business, not just the Americans we are selling to.

We believe manufacturing in America strengthens our community, industry and country by maintaining and retaining jobs, technologies and capabilities instead of giving them to our international competitors. Flying the American flag is a privilege and a responsibility which we do not take lightly and are honored to do to the best of our abilities as we grow our business and provide real American innovation.

Aim for Excellence with us

We invite you to aim for excellence with us, in the gear we provide, expertise we can share, and American lives we support. When you hunt or shoot Wiser, you are empowering real innovation to meet real needs for real hunters and marksmen.



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