Chrono Mount PRO
Chrono Mount PRO
Chrono Mount PRO
Chrono Mount PRO
Chrono Mount PRO
Chrono Mount PRO
Chrono Mount PRO
Chrono Mount PRO
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Chrono Mount PRO

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**Display Holder Optional**

Building on years of experience and customer feedback, we've taken everything that was loved about our original Chrono Mount, and made it even better! 

Every hand loader and long range marksman knows, repeatability is a MUST. The Chrono Mount Pro isolates the Magnetospeed (V3 or Sporter) chronograph from your barrel. This allows you to collect muzzle velocity readings without effecting point of impact. Saving you time and money with your reloads and providing valuable data for extreme long range shots.

Made in the USA from black anodize finished billet aluminum and stainless steel hardware, the Chrono Mount Pro was built for the abuse firearm professionals and competitive marksmen put on their gear.

No more wasting time and energy trying to get your chronograph installed and aligned with the intuitive and easy tool-less controls on the Chrono Mount Pro.

With a wide range of adjustments and no tools required, you can install the Chrono Mount Pro on nearly any firearm wherever you are. From Length, Height, Rotation and even Tilt adjustments, the Chrono Mount Pro was built for serious reloaders and long range marksmen.


  • Made in USA!
  • Tool-Less design, enabling you to deploy your Chrono Mount Pro wherever you are.
  • Large diameter Carbon tube, to reduce weight and increase rigidity.
  • Linear adjustability, to fit various chassis/stocks and barrel lengths.
  • Perpendicular (to bore) adjustability, to fit various chassis/stocks and provide suppressor compatibility.
  • Cant adjustment, to fit various chassis/stocks
  • Rotational pitch, to fit various chassis/stocks.
  • Parallel axial alignment ensures you won't waste time messing with proper chronograph alignment.
  • Arca-Swiss or Picatinny compatible. Add our Arca-Adapter Pro and Picatinny rail products to adapt to your Arca-Swiss equipped rifles.

What's included:

  • Carbon tube with slide assembly (fits both V3 and Sporter bayonets).
  • Picatinny Mount with tool-less cant mechanism.
  • *Optional* Display Holder (Fits both V3 and Sporter displays).
  • *Optional* Arca-Swiss compatible Arca-Adapter Pro and Picatinny rail.

 Technical Specs:

Weight 23oz
Length 30in
Adjustable Height 2.75in
Adjustable Length 23.5in
Adjustable Cant +/-5°
Adjustable Pitch 360°


Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Stephen Allmey
Magneto Speed "MUST HAVE" Accessory !

Great piece of equipment being100% Top Shelf, well thought out, fast & easily fitted.... does not interfere with barrel harmonics,
The Wiser Team are great, very responsive to Emails. Plenty of Big Companies could learn lots from their Sales & Service ethics.

Phillip Dyson
The best chronograph accessory

It’s lightweight sturdy and tool less design sets it apart from all other magneto speed off barrel mounts.

J Creek
Amazing Product

By far the best of the best. Tool-less adjustment is the greatest. Fit any configuration desired.

Chromo Mount Pro

Easy to assemble and adjust with both my 7mm and 300 PRC. Great product highly recommend!

Doug Mehling
Works great!

This mount solves usage problems. Barrel harmonics are now isolated from the chronograph!

Vincent Huey
Wiser makes what you need!!

If you need to mount accessories to your Rifle like a Chronograph. Wiser is the place!!!

Jayson Buchholz
Great Product, Keep an Eye on Alignment

Used this for two range sessions now. Shooting suppressed with a MagnetoSpeed V3. The suppressor cover requires the base of the V3 to be jammed into the cover in order to get the bayonet close enough to the bullet path. Usually shoot about 40 rounds per session and will need to adjust the bayonet a handful of times to keep things lined up. This product is very well made and am pleased with the quality. Making tweaks and tightening a few things during a range session is a fair trade in order to get velocity and groups at the same time.

Stacy Oga
Chrono Mount Pro onto a Hunting Rife

The Chrono Mount Pro with its Carbon Rail makes it extremely rigid vs a steel bar of similar length, the steel bar flexes more, not that it is a major issue to its function but its versatility. By that: it would be an advantage, which the Chrono Mount would be easy to have the ability to screw in an extension for those utilizing a barrel 30” plus. Also, from what I understand, the bayonet should extend 6” or more past the end of the muzzle and the bottom of the bore to the top of the bayonet should be twice the bullet diameter i.e. .243 cal. Should be set close to .486 or 1/2”; .308 close to .616 or
or 9/16” do to the fact that as the bullet exits the muzzle the blast or gas acting on the bayonet, slight turbulence is created affecting its initial flight path. An optional extension would would make the system versatile and a notch above the others.
Being that my hunting rifle is of the Old School, I purchased a Caldwell Picatinny
Adapter utilizing the sling swivel stud.
Chrono Mount Pro is definitely cutting edge.
I’ve used several high end Chronos, I’m not going to name names… they all have their drawbacks, with the major evil of missed shots…with the Magnetospeed…
I’ve had only one incident of missed shot, due to the strap working loose.
Chrono Mount Pro with the Magnetospeed…it’s at the top of the game. 👌