NightHawk Ultralight Pan Head


What's in the Box

  • PH-170 NightHawk Pan Head
    • The head will come fully assembled with the Arca-Swiss clamp installed.  As you can see in the exploded view above the clamp is held in place with a fastener and two pins to ensure it doesn't rotate. 
  • Arca-Swiss Accessory Plate
    • The included accessory plate can be installed on your optics or accessories by using the supplied 1/4" fastener.  These are also available separately on our website so you can install one on every optic or accessory you own to make switching back and forth easy and fast.
  • 3/8" Threaded Stud
    • This is a standard sized thread that most tripods use.  When using our Quick-StiX System our 3rd Leg has a threaded stud already installed so you won't need the one included with the pan head.  
  • Tilt Axis Locking Knob
    • We find that most people prefer to use the carbon fiber handle as it provides more precise control of your optic.  But if you are counting every gram you can remove the carbon fiber handle and install the included locking knob to shave even more weight!

Smooth Performance Right Out Of The Box

The Nighthawk is incredibly smooth out of the box, but to make sure you are getting the best performance from your PH-170 NightHawk Pan Head here are a few tips and tricks.

  • For the Tilt axis you want to run the least amount of tension required to hold your optic in place when you completely let go.  You should not need to loosen and tighten the handle each time you want to move the optic. (Unless you are running a very heavy optic, then you may need to slightly loosen and tighten the handle each time you move the tilt axis).
  • When setting the Pan axis tension you want to tighten it enough to provide good resistance to keep your optics steady and allow you to pan smoothly.  If the tension is too light, you may experience a small spring back when you let go, this is due to the O-Ring seal. If you are experiencing any spring back, simply apply a little more tension and it will stop.
  • Ensure your optic is centered and balanced as much as possible over the Arca Swiss plate.  This usually isn't a problem when using a spotter as you will mount the Arca Swiss plate directly to the spotter. When running a Bino adapter pay attention to the direction of the adapter offset and try to get the weight as centered as possible for best performance.


    • Q: Is the PH-170 NightHawk compatible with any tripod or do I have to use your Quick-StiX System?
    • A: The NightHawk is a perfect match for our Quick-StiX System, but we also include a 3/8" threaded stud so you can use it on any standard tripod of your choice!


    • Q: Is the PH-170 NightHawk Pan Head strong enough to shoot off of?
    • A: YES! The NightHawk is plenty strong and smooth to effectively shoot from. This won't replace the 2lb head for every PRS shooter out there, but it does make a very compelling field support for the ultralight hunter.


    • Q: Will the PH-170 NightHawk support an 85mm spotter?
    • A: The head is plenty strong enough to handle the weight of a heavy spotter. You will need to apply more tension to the tilt axis to hold the heavy spotter in place when you let go. This means finding that sweet spot of tension will be a little harder. That being said, most people will be very happy with the performance of this head on heavy spotters.