Wiser Precision Chrono Mount
Wiser Precision Chrono Mount
Wiser Precision Chrono Mount
Wiser Precision Chrono Mount
Wiser Precision Chrono Mount

Wiser Precision Chrono Mount

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The Wiser Precision Chrono Mount is the most advanced system for mounting your MagnetoSpeed v3 and Sporter chronographs. The Chrono Mount isolates the chronograph from the muzzle of your firearm and supplies ample adjustability to work on a multitude of weapon systems. Adjustability and versatility are great, but repeatability is a must! The unique design of the Wiser Precision Chrono Mount ensures your chronograph will maintain proper alignment with the axis of the bore on your firearms. This means CONSISTENTACCURATE and REPEATABLE results on a multitude of weapon systems.


  • Tool-Less design means you will always be able to deploy your Chrono Mount, even in the field.
  • Ambidextrous MagnetoSpeed Display Mount.
  • Large diameter Carbon tube, to reduce weight and increases rigidity.
  • Linear adjustability to fit various chassis/stocks and barrel lengths.
  • Perpendicular (to bore) adjustability to fit various chassis/stocks and provide suppressor compatibility.
  • Cant adjustment to fit various chassis/stocks
  • Rotational pitch to fit various chassis/stocks.
  • Parallel axial alignment ensures you won't waste time messing with proper chronograph alignment.

What's included:

  • Carbon tube with slide assembly.
  • Bayonet Bracket (V3, Sporter or V3 + Sporter options)
  • Picatinny mount (Arca-Swiss adapter, optional)
  • Display Mount (V3, Sporter or V3 + Sporter options)

Technical Specs:

Weight 10.6oz
Length 30in
Adjustable Height 2.5in
Adjustable Length 23.25in
Adjustable Cant 0°, +3°, -3°
Adjustable Pitch 360°
V3 Min. Clearance to barrel or Suppressor From Picatinny Rail. 0.27in

V3 Min. Clearance to barrel or Suppressor From Arca Rail.

-0.27in (Barrel or Suppressor can extend 0.27in below Arca Rail)


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Chrono Mount A Real Winner

The chrono Mount was exactly what I needed to remove barrel harmonic disruption as well as address the issue of an over size muzzle brake. I would highly recommend this product

Wiser precision chrono mount

It works great. I haven't had any problems with it at all. It's been solid and repeatable on my rifles. Once set for a certain rifle you can take it off and on and not worry about having to reset anything. Just check clearances then send it. The only thing you've got to be careful about is if you've got a muzzle break to place the unit out of the blast area or you'll get carbon buildup and gas cutting on straps.

Chorono Mount and Quick-Stix

I ordered a Chrono Mount and Quick-Stix a couple of months ago from Wiser Precision and am very pleased the both products. The Quick-Stix a fast and easy to user for me to use when hunting and save me having to carry an extra piece of equipment such as a bipod or tripod.

The Chrono Mount is everything they described on the site and makes use of my MagnetoSpeed V3 more versatile since I can now shoot groups and chronograph my load at the same time.

Great products and superb service!

Perfect device and great Customer Service!

After receiving my Wiser Precision Magnetospeed Chrono Mount, I had a few questions and Shane answered all of them the same day or the following day! This Chrono Mount is the perfect solution for multiple platforms and adjustments to fit each one is easily accomplished! Thanks for a great product and support!

Good Stuff

It works nicely and it is nice and light. I am buying a second one right now so I have one for my sporter and V3 even though it only takes a second to swap out the parts, its nice to change rifles while one cools. My pic mounts are aluminum (not like the other comment). I've seen a few of these at competitions.