Our Team

Meet our team!  A small business is about its people.  We work hard to create the highest quality products and provide the best customer service.  


Shane is the founder of Wiser Precision and handles the manufacturing and design side of the business. What most people don't realize is we manufacture most of our products right in our own shop.  Shane has always been one to tinker and design so he is constantly prototyping new products and refining our existing ones! 


Jessie runs the online side of the business.  He handles customer support, website management, marketing, and media.  He is constantly looking to connect with both new and existing customers and will more than likely be the one who responds when you email support@wiserprecision.com.


As you can see right now it's just the two of us trying to make this dream come true!  We work extremely hard and we each wear multiple hats to make it all come together.  Both of us rigorously test each and every product as we are passionate backcountry hunters and shooters.  We look forward to what the future holds and we will add more people to this page as we bring them on board!