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Long range stability in the palm of your hand
You hunt hard, it’s time your gear starts working harder for you. Now your trekking poles can! Add the Quick-StiX to your trekking poles and instantly have a pair of shooting sticks in the palm of your hands.

Ultralight construction
Designed to be ultralight, at only 2.38oz* your inner ounce counter will be pleased. Leave your bipod at home next hunt and be prepared to go deeper and hunt harder into the backcountry with less weight on your back.

Elevate your hunt
Get above the brush and terrain features getting in the way of making a prone shot and make the shot happen by using your trekking poles to establish a rock solid shooting rest.

Immediate deployment
Shot opportunities can come and go in an instance. Be ready when that moment arrives with the Quick-StiX rapid connecting system. Simply insert the lugs, twist your poles and make your shot!

More than a one trick pony
Add our Quick-Clip and for just a few extra ounces you have an ultralight bipod attached to your rifle with cant and height adjustment from prone to crouching (dependent on your trekking pole length). Save weight and leave your tripod at home by adding our 3rd Leg with the Quick-clip to make a tripod.


  • Made in the USA!
  • Durable high density polymer, resistant against the elements.
  • Stainless Steel hardware to withstand the corrosiveness of nature.
  • User adjustable rotational stops, to suit YOUR needs.
  • Accessory Mounting Ring

What's Included:

  • (1) pair Quick-StiX (1 male and 1 female coupler, trekking poles not included)
  • (4) clamping screws (2 for 18mm poles, 2 for 16mm poles)
  • (4) rotational stop screws (2 spare)

Technical Specifications:


2.38oz* (67.50g) (w/long clamp screws and two rotational stop screws)
Compatible Trekking Pole Diameter: 0.629 - 0.708" (16mm - 18mm)

Rotational Stop Angle:

45°, 67.5°, 90° or no stops.


Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Great quality

This is a must have for anyone in the outdoors. Very high quality. Fast shipping.

Great product!

I reccomend to all my hunting buddies

Good product

Looks like it will work well for its purpose. Haven't tried it as a shooting stick yet but seems well designed and well made.

Quick-StiX on point in Yukon

The Quick StiX arrived super fast and were very easy to install. I was able to use them within a few days on a Bison Hunt here in the Yukon. They were an absolute essential to quickly get set up for my shot and helped provide a nimble and sturdy shooting platform with my hiking poles. Excellent product and have already recommended it to a number of hunters up here.


Last week while hunting ground squirrels on a large Central California ranch I used my Quick-StiX to stabilize my .17 HMR and .222 Remington. The Quick-StiX performed flawlessly, and the ground squirrels suffered a reduction in their population.

Needless to say, the rancher was very pleased!

Tight lines & steady cross hairs,


Trekking Pole Shooting Sticks

The product is a great add-on to your trekking poles so they can be used to steady your aim. Product is well made, and appears durable. Attachment to poles is secure using included hardware. I attached these to Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork poles. Also keeps your poles together and from rattling together when stored in your pack. A little pricey, but good quality. Would recommend to others.


Congratulations! I've been thinking of my own system to connect my poles together like this and you guys knocked it out of the park and beat me to it. Awesome job guys I'll be ordering the accessories now!

Yukon bison success with Quick-Stix

Hey. Just a quick note from Yukon - second winter hunting with Quick-Stix and two bison taken at long-ish range with the help of QS. Last March 420 yard shot using QS on rear of stock as I was shooting over a rock. Last week one shot at 300 yards with QS. Right elbow on right knee, fore-end in cradle and shot exactly where I wanted it. Easy to adjust, can quickly reposition for a shot (don’t flop around like walking stick straps) and useful for keeping sticks together whether in the truck or on my pack.
Hope to add a 3rd Leg to replace my tripod and lighten up my sheep hunting kit.
Two thumbs up.